13 Spiritual Masters,
One Critical Messageā€¦
"How to Live Your Life
With Purpose"

Join a group of acclaimed visionaries as they reveal ancients secret for living a happy life with real purpose.

A brilliant web-seminar series taken over 13 sixty minute calls where you’ll discover life purpose secrets like

  • Quickly learn how you can take what you love doing and turn it into the main thing for the rest of our life (if you had the chance to do your favorite passion daily… would your life have more purpose?) During this series that’s exactly what you learn
  • Discover how to very quickly become more equipped for a happier much more successful life after discovering our own Sixth Sensory Tool Kit
  • Super-Tips proven to turbo-charge every single day of your week for your own enhanced performance, daily, weekly... in fact for the rest of your life!
  • Finally revealed... ancient secrets guaranteed to take you from where you are now and put you exactly where you want to be at light speed (listen and apply, then watch in awe as your life becomes transformed like never before)
  • How to make progress with certainty, when what you feel most is frustrated and lost
  • Learn the simple steps to create what you want in your life and avoid what you don't want
  • Quickly tap into your own inner health store for longer, better and stronger health
  • How to apply 3 key behavioral secrets for vitality and healthy living
  • How to let go of painful pasts and experiences so you can improve your life in the power of now
  • How to be aware of your own life changing moment of shift and discover what it actually means for you
  • The best way to maximize food for a more spiritual life
  • How to raise kind, compassionate, genius like children and show them how to live a confident, creative and rewarding life

My Name is Neil Fellowes

In case you don’t know, I’m one of the founders of 5 year old communitysoul.co.uk. We are dedicated to helping this generation - people just like you - awaken, become more conscious and improve their life through a deeper understanding of self.

Of course, that isn’t something I can teach you all of myself. During the past decade I have had contact with literally dozen upon dozens of spiritual experts, masters and out right visionaries in their fields.

So when I put together this idea for an online spiritual summit I dug deeply into my previous decade of contacts, over 150 speaking engagements, meetings and time building relationships with the absolute greatest genius minds that can help people like you and me.

I promise you this…

The experts I have lined up for you have promised to share some of their deepest secrets to a successful, happy and purposeful life… guaranteed!

And here they are..



Dan Millman
"The Art of Turning What You Know into What You Do"

Dan Millman is a former world champion athlete, a best-selling self-help author and philosopher who speaks worldwide informing and inspiring audiences to the path of a peaceful heart and warrior spirit — at work, at home and in everyday life.

Here's what Dan Millman will show you:

  • How you can develop more talent for living
  • 2 ways you can use what you know and have what you want
  • How thoughts, emotions, will, motivation help and hinder
  • The art of handling the illusions and disillusions of life
  • The intelligent way to gently, easily and naturally turn what you know into what you do and enjoy the life you want - you'll be amazed at Dan's simplicity.


Sonia Choquette
"Equipped for Life - The Sixth Sensory Tool Kit... Revealed"

Sonia Choquette is an internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, intuitive guide and masterful catalyst. Her books have sold more than one million copies. She is a regular in the US media and been personal intuitive to New Age Leaders, pop icons and Fortune 500 Company CEO's.

Here's what you will discover with Sonia Choquette:

  • 4 tools for sixth sensory living and getting your intuition to work for you
  • How to trust your "vibes" - understand the difference between gut feelings you should act on and fears, logic and hopes
  • The art of training yourself to expect your intuition to be accurate
  • How listening and acting on intuition can change your life
  • 3 key ways that refine your capacity to hear the subtle energies of your intuition

So... you can see already what you're going to get just from Dan and Sonia. Dan's going to show you how you can turn what you know into what you do and Sonia's going to show you the Sixth Sensory Tool Kit.

And next we also have …



Barefoot Doctor
"How to Supercharge Everyday of Your Week and Enjoy Life "

Barefoot Doctor is a best-selling author, healer, columnist, musical producer and former TV presenter. Using Taoist principals he has worked with the likes of Madonna and Naomi Campbell.

Here's what you will discover from Barefoot Doctor:

  • How to bring a sense of magic and play to your everyday life
  • Understanding ancient traditions and drawing on them
  • The realities of being a mind body and spirit "celebrity"
  • 5 ways to supercharge your life
  • One simple way to supercharge your energy in a matter of moments


Michael Neill
"The Secrets that Transform your Life"

Michael Neill is a radio show host and the best-selling author coach, adviser, friend, mentor and creative spark plug to celebrities, CEO's, royalty, and people who want to get more out of their lives. His talks and seminars have been received at the United Nations and on five continents.

Here's what you'll discover from Michael Neill:

  • How change doesn't have to be hard and how it can be effortless
  • 6 Secrets that transform your life
  • The relationship between emotion and thought
  • 3 big influences on Michael's development
  • How to use the secrets to transform money worries


Barefoot Doctor and Michael Neill are two of the most engaging and dynamic guys you will come across in the personal and spiritual development world. What's more they have such a wealth of training and knowledge... and you're going to be benefiting from that.

We also have


Dawn Breslin
"Let's create what you want and avoid what you don't want"

Dawn Breslin is a radio show host in the US, TV presenter in the UK, best-selling author and coach... and a mum who has transformed her life.

Here's what you'll discover with Dawn Breslin:

  • How you can unconsciously end up with what you don't want and how you can consciously change the events in life to get what
  • How the menstrual cycle can be used as a powerful tool - there's something profound here for both men and women
  • One fast way to know if you are on the right track to your dreams
  • How awareness effects healing and transformation and where negative thoughts and feeling can benefit you
  • 7 key principles for having what you want


David Neagle
"How To Make Progress With Certainty, When What you Feel Most is Frustrated & Lost"

David is known as the Million Dollar Income Acceleration Coach and through his signature "Experience the Reality of Success" live seminar and his high-level year-long Mastermind programs, he masterfully guides individual entrepreneurs to create million dollar enterprises.

Having mentored and shared the stage for many years with the much celebrated Bob Proctor, David is now one of the world's foremost business strategists and teachers of Universal Law & Wealth Consciousness.

Here's what you'll discover with David Neagle:

  • The creative process for manifesting any want/need/goal
  •  How to set the target: Making goals that are worthy of you, and that will move your forward in massive leaps.
  •  Quantum leap goal achievement: Understanding the Universal laws that govern RAPID goal manifestation
  •  The 2 elements of any goal that are critical for its manifestation
  •  Overcoming obstacles, challenge, indecision, and lack of confidence along the pathway of goal manifestation


Dr William Bloom
"How to Access the Health Store in Your Body and Gain Relief from Tension so Your Body Flows with Blissful Energy"

William is a best-selling author and one of the UK’s most experienced teachers, and healers in the field of holistic development.

Here's what you'll discover with William Bloom:

  • The power of managing emotion
  • Using your awareness as prevention so you don't need a cure
  • 5 triggers to feeling good - and you can do these in minutes
  • How we create disease and how to manage yourself back to better health
  • How to access the drugstore in your body

Dawn Breslin's going to give you what you need to know to create what you want. David Neagle is going to show you how to make progress with certainty, when what you feel most is frustrated & lost. And William Bloom is going to help you reach new ways to feel wonderful in your body. These two interviews are going to be deep and very rewarding.

We also have …


David Hamilton PhD
"How to Apply the 3 Key Behaviour's of Vital and Healthy Living"

After completing his PhD, David spent 4 years in the pharmaceutical industry developing drugs for cardiovascular disease and cancer. After being inspired by the placebo effect, where people receiving placebos in drugs trials often receive the same improvement as those actually receiving the drugs, he resigned from his job and began to research the connection between the mind and the body. Best selling author of 4 books, David travels the world with his talks and workshops. 

David will be getting you to the core of how your mind is a powerful healing tool and showing us the three key behaviors that are vital to healthy and living.

  • 3 strategies for improving the quality of your life
  • Why being kind is good for you
  • How to feel good
  • The science of mind over matter


John Parkin
"How to Let go When you Really Need To"

John Parkin is the best-selling author of F**k It, a regular in the media and founder of the holistic centre, The Hill That Breathes in Italy.

Here's what you'll discover with John Parkin:

  • How to release yourself from the most stressful situations
  • Why you create meaning around the things in our life and why that becomes real and how that effects you
  • The philosophy of letting go of money, relationship, career and family
  • How to stop worrying, release yourself from tense situations and frustrations
  • How to handle letting of responsibilities


So, while David Hamilton shows you how to get to the core of how your mind is a powerful healing tool, John Parkin's going to talk to you about the philosophy of letting go of what causes you pain... even when stuff really... really matters.

What about Alan Forrest Smith?

Alan Forrest Smith
"The Moment of Shift"

Alan Forrest Smith is a man on a mission who believes we can all have what we want. He's a leader in communication - one of the world's most in-demand marketing copywriters on the planet and a speaker all over the world.

Here's what you'll discover with Alan Forrest Smith:

  • How to live a spirited life in a practical way
  • Using setbacks to make you stronger
  • How to cope with society, culture and conditioning
  • The way to notice shift happening
  • How action based on an inner compulsion connects you to your hidden divinity and a more fulfilled and purposeful life.
Karen Knowler
"How to Use Food to Fuel Your Spirited Life"

Karen Knowler is the Co-author of "Feel-Good Food" and author of "How to Get Started with Raw Foods". She's a world-renowned raw food expert, author and chef, who has spent the past 17 years studying the profound effects of food on the body, mind, heart and soul.

Here's what you'll discover with Karen Knowler:

  • How food affects way more than the physical and can be one of THE most potent tools for connecting you to your core
  • How to consciously use different foods to change your state and support or speed up growth or even slow it down.
  • The best and the worst... the foods that fuel your spirited life and the foods to avoid
  • Is chocolate a soul food, or a deadly sin
  • Why emotions play a large part in your diet, how the seasons effect you and how to eat with intuition


So while Alan Forrest Smith takes you to the moment where your life reaches turning points, Karen Knowler is going to show you how you can reach turning points through the food you eat. Amazing!

We also have as a teacher for you …



Maureen Healy
"How to Raise Confident Happy Kids"

Maureen Healy is an internationally recognized parenting expert with programmes running in Peru, Nigeria, Mexico, England and the United States.

Here's what you'll discover with Maureen Healy:

  • How to encourage your kids to be true to who they are as they start nursery and school and enter the world beyond their parents
  • The key steps that encourage optimism and confidence in kids
  • How to have your kids feel rare, precious, special and talented
  • Things to say to your children that nurture confidence and happiness
  • 4 vital abilities every child needs to develop - parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties should listen to this, because all play a part in a child's development
Neil Fellowes
"The 3 keys that make life simple, easy and fun"

Neil Fellowes is the founder of CommunitySoul and author of more than 400 articles on life and business. He's taken the stage with many top personal and spiritual development teachers and lectured to the police, civil service and the legal profession.

Here's what you'll discover with Neil Fellowes:

  • 3 steps that make life simple, easy and fun
  • How life can become an adventure story and how you can be be the hero
  • Why dreams don't need to be in the future... how they can be merged with reality, so they become true now
  • How setbacks - divorce, obesity, debt and huge personal pain - can be used as a catalyst for an amazing future

So, while Maureen Healy shows you how parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties can get to grips with the children, Neil 's going to give you 3 steps that make life simple, easy and fun.

This is possibly one of the most exciting groups I have brought together into one summit…

Does that excite you? Can you feel the changes in the World happening now? Do you need more direction, more help and advice of a spiritual nature?

There are times when we need to really tap into our source, our inner being so we can gather and pull on the strengths needed to survive these unusual times.

The 13 visionaries, experts and spiritual masters on this new summit will guide you and give you exactly what you need right now.

Do you need direction?

Do you need to tap more into your spiritual being?

Do you need a life of more purpose?

Do you deserve to be able to have access to information like this... created and designed to help you?

Announcing the Spirited Living Summit

That’s right you can join us from the comfort of your own home - no middle seat airline travel, no overpriced hotel rooms, no car rental and late nights away from home. Just sit back and relax in the comfort and privacy of your own home and absorb the secrets from the world's best teachers, visionaries, masters and philosophers.

Can you see how easy we're making this for you to get access to these 13 visionaries and spiritual philosophers?

During this life changing event we had more than 400 messages sent in by people who had changed their lives for the better.

Take Isabelle. Isabelle lives in Texas. She doubts she would ever have travelled to the UK and therefore would never had got to hear the top speakers in the UK. She says the flights and the hotel bills and the cost of attending a seminar alone would have stopped her.

And that means she would have missed out on priceless pieces of information. She was inspired by Dawn Breslin. Her life changed because of Dr. William Bloom and she now understands more about her body thanks to Karen Knowler and can tackle her health issues with more knowledge.

Lisa changed the way she parents because Maureen Healy said something that made her realise the mistakes she was making. She says her kids lives will be transformed (as will hers) thanks to a flash of insight that came from listening to the Spirited Living Summit.

So the Summit gave Isabelle access to spiritual masters that were out of her reach. It changed how Lisa parented.

What about Ian?

Ian says, "My life sucked. It never seemed to get better. But Dan Millman has changed that forever. I'd heard of Dan, but probably won't have chosen to go to one of his seminars. But having heard him through the summit, I have changed my mind, because one thing he said, changed my life.

These comments are just the tip of the iceberg.

The good news for you is you do not have to travel around the country to hear a timely message from some of the world's most amazing spiritual teachers. You can have them come to your home, through the Spirited living Summit.

And that's not all... In addition to the interviews with these 13 visionaries and spiritual philosophers I have...

10 amazing, life changing gifts for you...

Why are we giving you these gifts?

We really want the Spirited Living Summit to work for you. We want it to be an experience that you look back on in a few months from now and see it as a turning point.

These gifts are designed to give you that “EXTRA” that will help you get our teachers techniques “in the muscle”, and we ask you to accept them as recognition for your effort.

Here are the 10 additional life changing gifts you get with the Spirited Living Summit...

kLife Changing Gift One

A special bonus session with three mind, body and spirit best-selling authors. In this frank and down to earth discussion, Barefoot Doctor, Dawn Breslin and Dr. David Hamilton bring spiritual practices into real life situations as they answer questions about illness and injury, life turning points, money resistance, meditation, managing and motivating children and how to move forward when you are stuck.



kLife Changing Gift Two

Michael Neill is a radio show host and the best-selling author coach, adviser, friend, mentor and creative spark plug to celebrities, CEO's, royalty, and people who want to get more out of their lives.

In Michael Neill's life changing gift you will get:

  • A deeper understanding of how happiness leads to success
  • See how happiness relates to money, fulfillment, feeling good and purpose
  • Discover what stands between you and happiness
  • Cultivating the use of your natural gifts and talents
  • A $50 discount on Michael's The Solutions Café

So in life changing gift number one you'll get to ask your questions in a special question and answer session and with life changing gift number 2, Michael Neill will take you through the muths of happiness.

What about Barefoot Doctor... what's his gift to you when you take the Spirited Living special offer, option one or two?

kLife Changing Gift Three

Barefoot Doctor is a best-selling author, healer, columnist, musical producer and former TV presenter.

In Barefoot Doctor's life changing gift you get:

  • A funky style relaxation that will relax and tenderise you until your good enough to eat
  • Boost of vitality and energy
  • Increase your strength, clarity, resolve and confidence

kLife Changing Gift Four

Dawn Breslin is a radio show host in the US, TV presenter in the UK, best-selling author and coach... and a mum who has transformed her life.

In Dawn Breslin's life changing gift Dawn teaches you:

  • A new way of thinking and being
  • How to transform the way that we think and feel
  • She teaches you how in 21 days you can feel the lasting changes in your confidence, career, finances, relationships, health and well being

So Barefoot Doctor's going to give you the gift of a pure flash meditation that will leave you energised. While Dawn Breslin's going to take you on a journey to lasting changes in multiple areas of your life. And you can get these gifts, plus the other seven gifts here when you take one of the two Spirited living Summit Special Offers.

And there's more gifts! What's Karen Knowler's gift for you?

kLife Changing Gift Five

Karen Knowler is the Co-author of "Feel-Good Food" and author of "How to Get Started with Raw Foods". She's a world-renowned raw food expert, author and chef,

In Karen Knowler's life changing gift you are going to:

  • Make your foray into raw foods simple, easy and delicious
  • 161 pages of invaluable knowledge that will undoubtedly change your life and energy levels forever
  • Have Karen's expertise and knowledge at your side as you become more intuitive around your food

kLife Changing Gift Six

Neil Fellowes is the founder of CommunitySoul and author of more than 400 articles on life and business.

In Neil Fellowes life changing gift you are going to:

  • A blueprint for setting intentions
  • Discover how to map out what you want with clarity
  • Learn how to energetically support your intentions
  • Find out how you live your future visions now

kLife Changing Gift Seven

Dr. William Bloom
is a meditation master and best-selling author, and one of the UK’s most experienced teachers, and healers in the field of holistic development.

In Neil Fellowes life changing gift you are going to:

  • Experience the meditation technique of a meditation master
  • Enjoy instant stilling and centering the body
  • Learn how to become calm and relaxed in a matter of moments

Karen Knowler will show you how to get started with raw foods. While Neil Fellowes will talk you through the Setting Intention blueprint... and William Bloom's going to show you how you can instantly still yourself when you take option one or two of the Spirited living Summit Special Offer. And that's not all...

What about Maureen Healy and Sonia Choquette...

kLife Changing Gift Eight

Maureen Healy is an internationally recognized parenting expert with programmes running in Peru, Nigeria, Mexico, England and the United States.

In Maureen Healy's life changing gift Maureen will :

  • Go deeper on the subject of empowering kids
  • Show you how to instill beliefs and feelings that your kids are powerful right now
  • Explore the words you use with your kids so you can empower them

kLife Changing Gift Nine

Sonia Choquette is an internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, intuitive guide and masterful catalyst. Her books have sold more than one million copies.

In Sonia Choquette's life changing gift Sonia's going to:

  • Lead you across the bridge to a more successful life
  • Take you through changing old life rules into new life rules,
  • Share 10 ways to lift your spirit
  • Along with the e-book Pathway to Joy, Sonia's gift also includes a free musical track, The Great Adventure.

So, while Maureen Healy shows you how parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties can empower kids, Sonia's going to lead you across the bridge to a more successful life.

kLife Changing Gift Ten

With an enviable list of high-profile clients, Ali Campbell is one of the UK's largest and most successful personal development coaches and in his gift you will:

  • Learn how to feel happier in the relationships around you and in your relationship with yourself
  • You will find out how to develop the relationship of your dreams - it may even be the one you already have
  • Discovers the number one thing that effects your relationships
  • The myth of positive thinking in your relationships and the trouble with negative thinking

WOW! That's 10 Amazing Life changing gifts... This really is one of the most exciting group of gifts from the most amazing line up of speakers I have brought together into one summit… and I'm thrilled to be able to offer you these gifts and 24/7 access to all 12 webinars as part of your growth and development.

But don't just take my word for how great this is.

Here's what other people have been saying...

"I would definitely recommend the summit. It is amazing opportunity to hear such sensible wisdom delivered in a very easy to understand and fun session"
"Thank you so much. This gives people a chance to hear different teachers who they might not have come across" 

"Speakers have been brilliant and generous, and genuinely transmit their passion to make a difference in people's lives"

"very practical and usable suggestions and gave you confidence to go forward in life, and to know that life is meant to be joyful and there is always help for wherever we are at, and for wherever we want to go to"

"Having the opportunity of hearing a wealth of experienced opinions in such a short space of time, for me, is pure luxury."


"Brilliant chance to hear so many different spiritual approaches and ideas. Really appreciate the opportunity to listen to such a varied selection of speakers....some of whom I know of...some who are new to me."

Here’s How You Access
Spirited Living Summit

We are going to give you access to the summit and all 13 invaluable summit interviews. Plus we are going to give you access to 10 life changing gifts that deepen your learning and experience of each of our teachers.

Unlimited on-line access to the summit interviews whenever you need inspiration whenever you need some magic in your life, whenever you need to feel inspired and motivated for the next thing

Imagine you are listening to Dan Millman – a former world champion athlete and best selling author many times over, in many countries. You'll be learning priceless pieces of information and you’re going to want to hear him remind you about this over and over again.

And imagine hearing him until his words become part of your subconscious. Now you know what he knows and you can apply it to your life and suddenly things you wanted now enter your life. Your beliefs about what you can do shift and results start coming easier and quicker. That's the power of repetition.

Now imagine having the same opportunity with Sonia Choquette's, Michael Neill, Barefoot Doctor, Dr. William Bloom, David Neagle, Alan Forrest Smith, Dawn Breslin, Karen Knowler and all the other experts sharing their inspiration and insight at this summit... imagine how life will begin to transform.

We promise that all our spiritual experts will give you breakthrough moments that can, could or will change parts of your life beyond recognition.

This is a golden opportunity for you, do you agree? Do you need this kind of thing right now? You can take all the summit, put it all on to your iPod, MP3 player, PC and listen wherever, whenever time and time again.

Would you like that?

If you just listen to the Spirited Living Summit once, you may well miss the power being made available to you.

You can play these on your PC, listen to them in the bath, car or in the kitchen while making food. Just listen to them over and over again until you get everything you need from them.



First, let's clarify what we have on offer here.

You can get 24/7 access to the audio files after each webinar and access the content over and over until you are sure you have everything you need, plus all 10 gifts above for just £97 £67.00. All the audio's are held online, you can log in and listen to them whenever you like.


You can order below.

Gain unlimited access to these powerful, one-of-a-kind
Spirited Living Summit classes and bonuses for just £97 £67 – that's less than 12 books would cost you!


Only £67 - order now!

Neil Fellowes
Contact Us: clair@communitysoul.co.uk

P.S. Remember the star studded line up you're getting access to with this offer: Dan Millman, Sonia Choquette, Barefoot Doctor, Michael Neill, David Neagle, Dr. William Bloom, Dawn Breslin, Dr. David Hamilton, John Parkin, Karen Knowler, Alan Forrest Smith, Maureen Healy and Neil Fellowes.

P.P.S All these experts, coaches, teachers, philosophers, radio show hosts, best-selling authors are all sharing their best material with you on getting the best from life and covering subjects from parenting and career, Money through to health and well-being.

P.P.P.S Remember you're getting all 10 gifts that will add to what you learn in the main classes with these experts.

P.P.P.P.S This offer is a limited time offer. Order now and don't kick yourself later for not taking action now.